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Why travel with Simba Africa Expeditions Uganda

Simba Africa Expeditions has been labelled by most guests as the most reliable safari company. Below are some of the insights on why you should book with Simba Africa Expeditions.

Value for money.

We will advise you about all the available choices, special promotions as well as the quality and value of the travel product.

Maximum choice

We will give you a wide variety of travel options and quotes from competing travel suppliers and the various accommodation available to suit different individual needs.


We take care of every aspect of your trip from the accommodation, car rental to different excursions and equip you with all the reliable information that you need.

Customer care

We listen to different individual needs and go out of our way to give you the holiday of your dreams that goes above your expectations.

Expert guidance

With our extensive knowledge and experience in the tourism business, we offer the best guidance that will help different individuals to have the holiday of their dreams!

Personalized service

We put individual needs into consideration and work to understand their need for a special personalized safari and how best to go about it.

Professional advice

Simba Africa expedition’s reservations team will walk you through different tour packages and advise you by area of interest.

Timing savings

All Simba Africa Expeditions Team have the information you need at their fingertips. We are just a call away anytime you need info on any destination just talk to us.

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