Why travel with Simba Africa Expeditions

Most customers have rated Simba Africa Expeditions as the most dependable safari operator. The following details about the benefits of booking with Simba Africa Expeditions are provided.

Booking your Holiday

A booking form must be filled out, signed, and sent together with a deposit of 50% of the specified safari cost, or the whole amount if the booking is made less than four weeks before departure. When the company issues a confirmation invoice, which typically happens within twenty-four hours after receiving the booking form, the reservation is accepted, and a contract is formed.


Four weeks prior to departure, payment for all confirmation bills must be received by the company.

Amendments and Cancellation

If you want to change your arrangements, the company will try its best to help. Requests for amendments must be made in writing and include the booking form signer’s signature. You must not pay any amendment fee per booking if the company is successful in implementing your desired modification. There will be no fee if the Company is unsuccessful.


Any cancellations must be made in writing and must bear the booking form signer’s signature. When a cancellation is received by the company, it becomes effective that day. It is highly advised to use recorded delivery. Depending on how many days previous to departure the company gets your cancellation notice, the following cancellation fees (together with the vacation insurance payment) will be due. Days before departure when written cancellation notice was received Percentage of the total vacation cost More than 57 days Loss of deposit

  • 56 to 42 days 30% of total holiday cost
  • 41 to 29 days 75% of total holiday cost
  • 28 to 15 days 90% of total holiday cost
  • 14 days 100% of total holiday cost

Cancellation by the Company

The company will treat your booking as cancelled and impose the cancellation fee described in the previous sentence if you don’t pay the remaining balance of the holiday price at least eight weeks (fifty-six days) before departure. If the company must cancel your trip for any other reason prior to your departure, it will make every effort to offer you alternate arrangements at no additional cost.

Alternatively, it may offer a substitute package of lower quality, in which case you may seek compensation from the company for the price difference, or it may promptly refund all of your money. Additionally, unless the cancellation was due to a case of force majeure, the company will compensate you in accordance within Paragraph.

Company Liability

We assume responsibility for making sure that the services provided are of an acceptable standard and that the travel arrangements you made with us are provided as specified in our printed literature. If any component is not delivered as promised, we will compensate you appropriately if this reduces your ability to enjoy your travel plans.

As the provider of your travel arrangements, we take responsibility for any death, injury, or disease brought on by the careless actions and/or omissions of our employees, agents, and suppliers while acting within the scope of/or in the course of their employment. As a result, we will compensate you for any damages that could have been due in these instances.

Our liability will always be constrained by international treaties and the terms of carriage of our suppliers with regard to the services rendered by air or sea carriers. On request, copies of these conventions and the terms of carriage are available. Our organization has no influence over operational choices made by air or sea carriers, airports, or ferry terminals that result in delays, detours, or rescheduling. When such adjustments are implemented, our business will make every effort to cause the least amount of disruption.

Customer care

If something goes wrong while you’re on vacation, please let our local agent know right away, and the relevant supplier (lodges) will do their best to make it right. Prompt response is not only a legal duty, the violation of which can significantly influence your rights against our firm, but it can also help you enjoy your Vacation.

You should get in touch with our company so that we can try to address it if you can’t file a complaint with the right body at the moment. Within thirty days after your return, a complaint should be submitted in writing to our corporate office manager if an issue isn’t fixed.

Company price policy

The rates listed in our suggested itineraries are just provided for your reference; they are created many months before the start of your vacation. Before you commit to the travel arrangements, you will be informed of the revised price that applies to them if at the time of booking it differs from the price displayed in our suggested itineraries.

Value for money.

We will inform you of all your options, any current promotions, and the overall quality and worth of the trip service.

Maximum choice

We will provide you with a wide range of travel alternatives, quotations from rival travel companies, and information on the numerous lodging options to meet your unique demands.


From lodging, car rentals, and other excursions, we handle every element of your vacation and provide you with all the trustworthy information you require.

Expert guidance

With our significant expertise and experience in the tourist industry, we provide the best advice to enable many people to have the vacation of their dreams!

Personalized service

We take each person’s needs into account and do our best to comprehend why they need a unique, tailored safari and the best way to make it happen.

Professional advice

The reservations staff at Simba Africa Expeditions will walk you through the various tour packages and offer you advice based on your interests.

Timing savings

The information you require is readily available to any member of the Simba Africa Expeditions Team. Anytime you need information on a destination, just give us a call.

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